Late winter

Hello everybody! 🙂

For the past month or so, it was pretty busy for us. Although some things aren’t really finished yet, we are planning a very active spring.

First things first, Ivana, the keyboard player,  can no longer play with us, so we are performing as a power-trio again. Another important thing is that we will be recording our new album in spring and that our fundraising campaign should start soon.


As some of you may have noticed, we have also published a new song called „Open Heart“ which Ana recorded for the „Jam with friends“ series of live studio sessions in Mostar.  Ana wrote the song the night before the recording while she was traveling to Mostar in Bosnia (the rest of us first heard the song when it was published online). We are currently working on a full-band arrangement for this song, along with three new songs as well.


Another thing – we have been booked for a series of concerts to promote our new songs which will appear on our new album: we are having our first gig in Novi Sad tomorrow at Crna Kuca (CK13).A special concert will happen on the eighth of March in KC Rex, Belgrade, where Ana is due to perform  An acoustic concert with Ana Ćurčin and various guests, including  Ivana Smolović (Ika), Stefan Pejatović (on drums), Una Gašić (Bitipatibi) and Marina Milošević (on trumpet). Also, we will perform as a full-band  at the same venue on the 22nd of April (Rex, Bez buke) and on the 11 of March in Zrenjanin at the Alterantive club.

Until next time,