Far Out EP

Melancholic guitars and screaming Blues riffs, powerful drums and soft playful sounds: On their debut “Far Out” In Absentias seem to move weightlessly between different musical genres without getting lost on their musical journey.

This is also ensured by the writer and lead singer Ana Avramov who is safely guiding various styles of music way with her distinctive and atmospheric voice.

  1. Roads
  2. Old 60s
  3. Anton’s Summer
  4. Running
  5. Someone Else
  6. Sailing to Byzanthium

Released: October 17, 2015.
Written and composed by Ana Avramov
Produced by Cyrill Lim and Ana Avramov
Recorded by Cyrill Lim
Played by: Vocals, guitars: Ana Avramov, Drums: Dusan Mancic-Golmajer, Bass: Sara Tomic, Vladimir Jecemenica, Guitars, effects, shakers: Cyrill Lim
Mixed by Cyrill Lim. Masterd by Vanja Kovacev at Soundground studio, Berlin
Cover artwork by Milana Videnov