Ana Avramov is an indie/alternative artist and musician from Serbia. Her music moves between the dreamy pop sound an d the melancholic color of her contralto vocals to the noise pop, blues and indie influences. The solo project of Ana Avramov was inspired by the minimalistic dirty pop sound while combining shoegaze, indie, blues, experimental sound with the authentic and powerful expressiveness of Ana’s unusual yet deeply lyrical vocals.

Ana Avramov was the frontman of an indie-alternative band In Absentias. The band published an EP “Far Out” in 2015 which was followed by the European tour with the Swiss singer-songwriter Cyril Lim.  The band played at a number of the most important festivals in the region (Exit festival, Festival of Street Performers, Bez Buke, Devet festival, Indirekt showcase festival in Belgrade, Indirekt festival in Umag, Croatia, Bunt festival, Street Art Festival in Novi Sad, Beer Festival Zrenjanin Zove..).

Ana’s solo project is a playful and authentic combination of various forms: from indie, dream pop to  noise sound. Her distinctive style of music is connected to indie, shoegaze, folk, even electronic music, but is deeply influenced and shaped by Ana’s original and distinctive voice, which possesses a deeply expressive color. She reconfigures her music in an intimate vocal expression where the authentic color of her vocals stays dominant.

In May Ana published her first single “Autumn Thrills” that announces her upcoming EP “Open Heart” to be published in autumn 2018 (guitar and bass played by Ivan Skopulovic and drums played by Marko Ajkovic /Artan Lili/).

The video for “Autumn Thrills” has been published this July, shortly after her new single “Intro (Sunny side) was released.

The EP “Open Heart” is to be released in autumn of 2018 and will be followed by the 2018 autumn album promotion tour starting with the performance of the band on the 30th of August for the Festival of Street Performers in Novi Sad, after which, the band will play on Zrenjanin Calling Beer festival in Zrenjanin and finally in KC Grad in Belgrade in the second half of September.

Ana Avramov is currently playing with her 4-member band: Vukasin Djelic: solo guitar, effects, Milos Pajagic (bass), Dragan Jovanovic (drums), Ana Avramov (vocals, guitars, keyboards)

The band is currently  looking for booking venues for their upcoming EU album release tour for  2018 (from the first of November until the end of December).